Wallpaper of Sherawali Mata

Navaratri is a festival of nine shakti.Navaratri meaning is nine night is Sanskrit.
Navaratri = nava + ratri = nine + night
Into these nine days lots of Hindus pray to shakti/devi . Bengali’s do the Durga Puja in these 9 days. All nine days referred to a particular Durga Devi avatars.
• First day is of Shailaputri Mata.
• Second day is of Brahmacharini Mata.
• Third day is of Chandraghanta Mata.
• Forth day is of Kushmanda Mata.
• Fifth day is of Skanda Mata.
• Sixth day is of Skanda Mata.
• Seventh day is of Kaalratri Mata.
• Eight day is of maha gauri Mata.
• Ninth day is of Siddhidatri Mata.
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